Jam Club

It's Not Always About the Food, Part II

Sometimes a meal is memorable for the amazing food. Other times it is the decor of the restaurant. Sometimes it is great service. And sometimes it is that one person you meet there.

Our visit to the Jam Club in Bairro Alto is memorable for the owner, João.  To call him outgoing would be a big understatement. João greets you when you enter the small (actually tiny) bar/restaurant as if you were his best friend that he hasn't seen in ages. He introduces you to the other patrons ("these folks are from Michigan in the US - they have the best cars! Sorry, the people at the next table are from Germany where they also have the best cars. So Michigan has the best US cars and Germany has the best European cars! Cheers!") He finds something to complement the people from France at another table, as well.


Soon he is asking you to quiz him on various areas of knowledge - He'll bet you he knows all of the state capitals in the US (he does). He'll name all of the Great Lakes. He'll rattle off the capitals of Europe, then speak to you in any of a dozen different languages. He is a walking, talking Wikipedia.

The food...meh. The beer...good. The company...excellent!

Jam ClubTv. Inglesinhos nº 49Lisboa, Portugal


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